When I wrote last week’s post about enjoying the foods that I can have, I forgot about “the phase”. When I reset my eating program, I usually have to stop eating so much. And that voice in my head urges me to eat BECAUSE I CAN’T. It’s not like a craving it is the literal urge to put food in my mouth. (part of it is probably boredom). But for the first part of the week, I was making circles in my apartment because I would walk to the kitchen and walk back out). Until I get used to the eating less part, I’ve been compensating with fruits and vegetables. So when I can’t resist any longer, I’m snacking on nectarines instead of chips, or nuts, or whatever. But the ultimate goal is to eat when I’m hungry.

Believe it or not, I purchased a carton of Edy’s Slow Churned Sugar-Free Ice Cream. I’ve been keeping my serving sizes to half a cup per day. The deal I made with myself is if I get crazy, I have to throw it out.

This week, my weight is 159, so I’m down a pound.