Obviously, my coworkers don’t read my blog. If they did, they’d know that at last count I’m up a few pounds. Just this week though, two of them told me separately that I look like I’ve lost weight.


Yet, how hard is it to say “Thank you. I’ve been quite hungry lately, and I’m glad to know it’s not in vain.” Instead we say, “oh it’s the dress”, or “Really, I feel like a pig”.

When I got the first compliment, my instinct was to say, “Really, because I’m up a few pounds”. I caught myself and said, “I haven’t but thank you for saying it. We’ll just pretend I did.”

By the time I got the second compliment, I could say, “Thank you. You can tell me that as much as you want because it never gets old.”

It is important to give and receive compliments. When you get one, don’t deflect. Simply say thank you, I appreciate your kindness. That person took the time to notice, and the time to verbalize. They took a moment out of their own thoughts to verbalize something nice about you. ACKNOWLEDGE IT.

Give compliments

Having the occasional job dealing with the public, I’ve learned how compliments can break the ice. But more than that, how often have you left the house in a hurry wondering if that new hairstyle was a good idea? Did you really master that smoky eye or do you look like a raccoon? Do those striped leggings really look as good on you as they did on that girl on your Pinterest board. Isn’t it a relief to hear validation that you hit the mark? Give that to someone else. Turn their day around by telling them something nice.

This week, my number was 158.5. I’m on my way back down. I managed to do two things: drink more water and stop acting like I can eat anything I want. So I’ve been paying attention to my portion sizes and asking myself if this “splurge” is important. Since my weigh in, I’ve hit the grocery store and my refrigerator has whole foods and produce in it now. On the right track.