This week I’m up to 162. It looks like a 4 lb weight gain. It has been one hell of a week. I’m going through what a professional might call a life transition. My work situation has changed, so I’ve taken a part-time job – being on my feet for minimum wage. Well, since it is summer, coworkers are on vacation causing me to jump in with both feet — 8 hour days.

Budgeting is real

Add to that job transitions usually mean money changes. It’s tight right now. Eating healthfully on a small budget is different than doing so on a medium budget. Highs: I hit the farmers market and got some plums, tomatoes and eggplant for less than $10. I’ve been able to purchase eggs, tuna and other whole foods while managing a tight budget. So I won’t sit here and say it can’t be done. I will say it requires more planning than I anticipated. Because I have to cook it. I will get a chance to hit the reset button on my next check…Lows: If you have to stand up to read the menu, I’ve been there.

I don’t stress eat.

I’ll be the first to say that I don’t eat out of stress. If I’ve have a hectic day, I won’t say, “Mmmm, some fried food will really take the edge off.” That’s not me . But I do like fried food, and after 8 hours of doing something I have to do, I’d like the small pleasure of eating something I want to – chocolate, fried, fatty, salty. At first, it wasn’t a big deal because my budget wouldn’t allow a binge. But according to the scale, I’ve gotten too comfortable. I suppose the solution for this is planning. Planning that I’ll have a hectic day, that I’ll want a “reward”, and to have a luscious mango already cut up, or a tad hummus.

In the short term, I can drink more water — that’s still affordable, right? A few limes and I’m in business.