I know, I promised you a post on the difference between being skinny and being healthy. But…I’ve just finished my lunch from Jimmy John’s thought it better to discuss the way we kick ourselves when we indulge. I’ll apologize when I call someone by the wrong name; I’ll apologize when I bump into another person on the sidewalk. I’m not going to apologize for eating the whole sandwich and chips. Because I knew what I was doing when I placed the online order. And it was a good ass sandwich.

This type of food guilt leaves us stuck in the past on what we did and didn’t do, instead of focusing on moving forward, being in the now. By letting go of the sandwich I had for lunch, I can be free to make good decisions for dinner instead of punishing myself. Emotional eaters may even eat more because they’re feeding their food guilt with more food. We make choices, and we should stand by our choices. And then let that shit go.

How many times do we say oh, I shouldn’t eat this, or I was bad. Here’s the thing: assigning good and bad value to food will cause us to assign good and value to ourselves for eating it. I can tell you for sure that our value has nothing to do with the food we eat. It has to do with how we treat others and how we treat ourselves. Why not treat yourself kindly by leaving the past in the past.

I don’t even like the term “cheat day”, cheating is wrong, it is the thing you shouldn’t do. But to pick a day or meal to enjoy food even more than usual is something you should do. How about an indulge day, when you get to give yourself more than you normally would? I prefer the term bonus day, when I get to have some bonus calories. That means that every meal can be good, but on bonus days, they’re extra good.

Each meal is an opportunity to begin, so let’s leave the past in the past.

Today’s weight: 158.5